My Campaign

I’m a life-long primate who believes that the citizens of Tampa need to swing free of the norm and vote for orangachange in 2011. That’s why I am running for Mayor.

I am fed up with partisan poo-flinging. The tax-paying citizens of Tampa have been driven bananas by the out-of-touch political establishment and want someone who will fight for them. I am the candidate voters will choose to navigate Tampa safely through this jungle of uncertainty.

I have spent most of my career on the lam from local authorities wishing to capture me. My nemesis, Vernon Yates of the Florida Wildlife Commission, has shot me repeatedly with tranquilizer darts, but somehow I have always managed to get away.

As Mayor, I realize the challenge of leading this great city will be formidable. However, if I can survive being shot dozens of times in the chest, I trust the voters will recognize my resilience and entrust me with their support.

Will you join me in my campaign for Mayor? Follow my movements on FacebookTwitter and YouTube and be sure to explore my favorite Tampa Bay spots on SCVNGR where you can unlock the exclusive Monkey for Mayor badge.